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I grew up going to pasta and specialty stores in New Haven, CT and have always been excited by the idea of bringing pasta to the guests and fans of Lilia and Misi. Since Lilia opened in 2016, people consistently request “to-go” food, but I have never felt that it would travel from our kitchen to your home while retaining its quality, texture or taste. So, in early 2020, MISIPASTA was born. Instead of us preparing the dish, we give you the tools to cook it yourself. Your bag will include 4 orders of our house-made pasta along with sauce, and a simple set of instructions.

MP Grocery

The most exciting part of cooking for me has always been the raw ingredients. How they inspire a dish, how to work with a single ingredient to make it shine, and how all ingredients are not created equal — a red wine vinegar is not just vinegar, and every olive oil has a special characteristic. The seasons bring the excitement of a ramp in May or the best tomatoes in August.
Every chef has a toolkit, or a go-to set of ingredients that appear with great frequency across their cooking. MP GROCERY is a way for us to bring a collection of curated ingredients to you weekly so that you have your own Italian larder. Each week, we will offer two options: a pantry bag to include dry goods that make up my pantry, and that I always have on hand, from high-quality Parmigiano to my favorite olive oils, to the ever-present Calabrian chilies and much more. The other option is a selection of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fresh cheese, and meat or fish that will change weekly.

MP Specialities

An old-school Italian specialties store has always been my version of heaven. Seeing mountains of ricotta and mozzarella, salumi, and ready to eat eggplant up behind a glass case brings me joy and inspires my cooking. MP Specialties is our way of bringing that nostalgia to you. We’ve created everything from marinated zucchini and artichokes, to slow roasted tomatoes in oil, to semolina and pecorino crusted chicken cutlets for you to quickly cook at home. These aren’t pantry staples; they’re delicacies to consume soon after purchase, when they’re at their best. These specially crafted dishes are meant to help you complete a proper Italian feast at home.